Life has its own ups and downs that’s the good, the bad and the ugly but there is a simple two letter word no one wants to hear or even accept in good faith. Everyone feels disappointed, disrespected, sad or not good enough when they get a NO from anyone.

Can you imagine inviting your entire family and colleagues to a dinner because you want to pop the big question to your fiancee and she ends up answering NO ?

You go for a job interview, you performed perfectly well and because of that you have announced to everyone who cares to listen that you are getting a new job but you receive an email from the human resource manager of the company that they are sorry, you didn’t meet their expectation……that’s very disappointing right?


The word NO comes in different forms for instance when your supervisor rejects your final research work, getting fired from work, when your spouse files for a divorce etc. Do you know you can’t be successful if you don’t get a NO at one point in time in your life?

Oprah Winfrey got fired at the age of 23yrs, Kevin Hart got a lot of NOs from hundreds of auditions to become an actor / comedian, Barack Obama was told he is black and can’t be the president of USA, Nicki Minaj was told Hip Pop / Rap isn’t for girls so she won’t make it in the men dominated industry etc but all these people have something in common……. they are all successful!

NO could mean a lot of things in a positive way and below are some of the things it could mean depending on the situation:

  • No is a motivational pill to energise you to go the extra mile, to push yourself  beyond your imagination to achieve what everyone doubted you could
  • It also act as a homework because it makes you go back home to work on all the weaknesses your interviewer or spouse or supervisor pointed out before giving you the big word
  • Sometimes NO means the time is not right to hit the jackpot, get employed or the university admission etc. Timing is key in every aspect of human life so when you get a NO, assess the time and season not just yourself
  • NO may mean yes you are good but not for this role that means you deserve better than what you seek or fighting for

Success has numerous ingredients and NO is one of them, don’t see it as a failure  but rather see it as a stepping stone to greatness, an opportunity to be a better version of yourself and above all to reach for the stars.

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There is a world where everything is possible. People flex in cars and houses that they haven’t got keys to, people have photos with world class celebrities they have never met, people live in one country but work in another country when they don’t even own a travel passport etc. funny right? What is this world and why are people doing all they can to survive in it??

Social media is the world i’m talking about but before we go into details, let’s educate ourselves what it is. Social media are interactive Web 2.0 Internet-based applications. They are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. With this little definition above, social media are great networking and business tools but the reality is different.

In recent times, all we see on social media are people flaunting their wealth (not a bad idea), butt, nudity, private jet life and the worst part is people bringing their hatred and fights into this virtual world. Can we face reality for a second??

bow wow

Dear ladies and gentlemen, do you all remember when a Hollywood music star Bow Wow was caught up in his lies about travelling in a private jet to New York on instagram by a follower who was actually on the same plane with him?

social media 1

Not too long ago Nigerian nollywood screen goddess Oge Okoye found herself in hot waters when her fans and the world got to know the puppies she was claiming on instagram were actually that of Hollywood actress Kenya Moore.

social media 2

The last but not the least is when Nana Aba Anamoah, the beautiful Ghanaian news anchor and TV presenter got fired for allegedly lying on social media with a photo-shopped image that she was present at Old Trafford in London for Manchester united match.

What do these classical examples depict? Half of the life and luxury we envy on social media does not exist because if celebrities can fake what is not there just for likes, followers and comments, how much more the ordinary people?

Learn to put your values first, set some positive goals in life, put in hard work and achieve them diligently to get the attention you want in reality and on social media. Don’t use what u see on social media as a benchmark for your life…….that world does not exist.


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Have you wondered why some people go through life without any hustle but end up getting everything they want? Have you asked why the other applicant with the same qualities and qualification as you landed the job and you didn’t? Do you keep asking yourself how come your friend always get the “good one”?

In life, one has to pay a price for something or someone but it all depends on the price tag so then i ask, what is your price?  Everything on the surface of earth which includes human being has a price. Your educational background, talent, personality, communication and interpersonal relationship skills, leadership skills etc. All these come together to give you a price tag, what the employer is willing to pay to keep you in the company or someone is willing to pay just to be your friend or partner. Lets take note that payment isn’t always in monetary terms but the risk or sacrifices people are willing to take for you.price-tag-1

Some people are going through life not knowing their worth therefore they are selling at a half price. You are the best candidate for that position, promotion or pay rise in the company but you don’t believe in yourself so you don’t even dream of negotiating for pay increment. You lack self-confidence and underestimate your worth so you take the blame when your partner cheats on you or even maltreats you. Life isn’t rewarding ignorance or dumbness, don’t ever think you will get everything because you deserve it…NO! YOU HAVE TO EARN EVERY SINGLE THING.


Are you willing to pay high price for inferior or defect products? Exactly! No employer is willing to pay higher for laziness, arrogance, backwardness, disobedience etc. The same way no friend or partner is willing to pay higher price for selfishness, cheating, disrespect etc. Someone with a bad personality has no choice than to sell at a lower price because nobody is willing to buy therefore you must reduce your price to the lowest or sometimes you end up offering yourself for free.


Do you know there are people selling at a higher price than expected? There are people who are very intelligent, nice inside out, humble, confident, selfless with all round excellent personality that everyone is willing to sacrifice anything to be with them. These kind of people automatically sell at a higher price.

The more you work on yourself and become a better person, the more your price goes up so instead of wondering or hating why your friend’s partner is doing everything for him/her or your colleagues are getting promotions and pay increment and you are not, just look into the mirror and ask yourself “what is my price“?

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Some things make you speechless, others make you yearn for more and others make you scream, laugh and cry at the sometime. It all comes down to how magical things can be and these five (5) romantic date ideas will blow your mind and sweep you off your feet.

There is love in the air and lets not pretend we aren’t feeling it. A lot of people are out of ideas about what to do on valentine’s day for their partners…..others are looking for a lot of money to make the date worthy and others are afraid to disappoint their partners in case the ideas they have fail. Worry no more because gorgeoustrends always have your back. Everyone will have a stake in the following date ideas irrespective of you financial status.

BEACH : its one place that is very magical because it feels like you have the whole world to yourselves. You can feel the breeze of the sea by taking a walk with your partner along the shores and also you both can go horseback riding. Above all, you can sleep in each others arms and watch the sun goes down while feeling the heartbeat of your partner and sipping on some wine.

SPA DATE : imagine spending the whole day with the one you love, no phone calls or interruption from colleagues and friends, no arguments just the two of you left in this world to experience heaven on earth and that’s what a date at the spa is all about.Its the time to feel the chemistry between you two and it can never be complete without a couple signature bath. #cute

HOME DATE : do you know everything that you do in the hotel, beach, cinema etc. can be done at home? This valentine, plan a date with your loved one at home, cook his/her favourite meal, get a collection of romantic movies and music which you both can enjoy together after the dinner. One best thing about home date is that, you can do anything because you don’t have to worry about who is watching or listening so you can make out till the next morning.

PARK DATE : If you are the nature lover and your partner appreciates this about you then a date in the park won’t be a bad idea. You can hear the birds sing, enjoy fresh fruits, feel the natural air and watch the skies with the one you love by your side.

DINNER DATE : book a table for two at your partner’s favourite restaurant and let them serve you as a king with his queen. Talk about work, your future plans and your love lives over a delicious meal and a bottle of wine.

Spend some quality time with your partner this valentine’s day and any other memorable day. It shouldn’t be always about arguing who is right or wrong or always about your personal needs or about chasing money. Find time to explore each other’s world, talk about how to make the relationship stronger and the direction you want the relationship to go. Let the love and the bond between you grow every second of your lives.

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Its the month of love and ladies who have been chased for so long want to allow themselves to be caught. That’s fine sometimes you have to let yourself go just to experience new things.  You said yes to his date invitation because you see a potential “BAE” in him or you are tired of being single or you just want to have some fun and meet new people, these are all good reasons to go on a first date but the issue is how to do you present yourself?

First impression can make or unmake you, don’t forget you both have spoken on the phone several times and even have gone ahead to send photos / videos of yourselves to each other therefore the expectation is really high. Do not send a wrong information or kill his vibes with your appearance. You may be “feeling” this guy already so u think the first date is an opportunity to show what your mama gave you by exposing all your breast, fine thighs, waistline etc. First date isn’t expose’ party so please DON’T DO IT! I don’t want you to appear like you are on sale at a discount price “CHEAP” so lets go through some simple but classy and elegant outfits you can wear on a first date.


If you are the casual type or maybe the place for the date is a casual place like the movies  or the parks , you don’t have to wear dinner dress with 7″ high heel for that , this is very simple but classy for a first date.


This is for the dress lovers, some ladies no matter the situation want to do dress.This type of outfit will enhance your curves without any exposure.


If its a beach or poolside date on a fine sunny day, then this type of outfit is perfect for the date.

These outfits are for my sophisticated ladies who don’t want to dress down anytime, always want to appear executive, elegant and on top of their game.

In all, you can be more attractive, classy and beautiful without exposing too much skin. Let your appearance engage his attention in a positive way before you both start a conversation. It all begins at the first date and first impression is key, don’t get it twisted ladies.

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In this month of love that everyone is preparing for date nights, parties etc, i thought i should add a little spice to your beauty package by letting you in on the magic of Almond. Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fibreprotein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss. Aside all these, almond is perfectionist when it comes to skin, our skin speaks louder than words that is why we spend so much money and time looking for ways to make it flawless. Below are the five (5) most effective natural face packs using almonds that can be done at both home and the spa for flawless skin:


Almond milk in jug with almonds in bowl, on color wooden background

To make your face naturally fair and brighter, all you need is almonds and milk.  Soak few almonds probably 4-10 nuts in milk at night and the next day, crush the almonds with the milk to make a granular paste. Apply that paste on the face for 20 minutes or when it gets completely dry and wash the face with cold water. This almond face pack is best for all skin types, if you are looking for fair complexion and smooth skin.



We mostly have scars on our faces as a result of acne and pimples which are very frustrating and we would like to do all we can to get rid of them. Soak some almonds in water overnight, grind them and add some yogurt to make paste. Apply the paste on the face and wait like 20 – 30 minutes for it to dry, and then rinse the face with clean water. Pat your face dry with a towel and apply a moisturiser.


The ingredients for this face pack are almonds, oatmeal and milk. Soak some almond overnight; blend them with milk and some oatmeal to make a paste. Oatmeal is suitable for all skin types, and even for the most sensitive skin because of its anti- inflammatory properties and its very nourishing to the skin. Apply this on the face evenly and wash the face with cold water after 20 minutes. It will be slightly granular so will also scrub the peeling skin from the dry face.



This is something everyone is dying for, glowing and flawless skin. This face pack is very special and easy to prepare, all you need is banana and almonds. Soak the almonds overnight in water, grind the almonds to get a paste and add some mashed banana pulp. Apply the pack on the face, wait for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with clean cold water. Unlike the other face packs, the results of this one is much more instantly so you can do it before stepping out for a date or party.


Blend some almonds which you have to soak overnight with milk or rose water and some lemon juice.  Apply the paste on the face and around the neck and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash this with cold water. Lemon juice has some lightening properties so is good for removing sun tan from the face and also on the body.

For effective and lasting results, these face packs which is very cheap and easy to prepare must be part of our beauty routines. Let me quickly add that these are good for men as well.

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DO NOT LIVE 2016 IN 2017!


How can one live the year 2016 in the year 2017? is this possible at all? how can one know that he is living the year 2016 in the year 2017?

Most at times people live in the past in their present lives and they are not even aware and those who are aware think its not possible or beyond their control to change the situation they find themselves and therefore accept things the way they are. Someone failed his junior high school exams and that became the end of the road for him in education because he could not overcome that failure to try again. A lot of people are single because they caught their partners cheating or they were lied to and still hang on to that pain,  others have also refused to marry again after their first marriages hit the rocks. These are practical examples of people…

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Have you bought a present for someone and the person didn’t say thank you or did you save someone from a bad situation and the person didn’t show appreciation or even after being there for someone, they got back on their feet and fought you? Are you wondering why? You are not alone in this. So many people think their fellow human beings are ungrateful and do not appreciate anything therefore want to stop doing good to others and as a matter of fact, some have actually stopped doing good.

What then is gratitude? it is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When people become grateful for small pleasures, their outlook changes and opportunities seem to open up everywhere in their lives so why will someone live exactly the opposite?  The truth is, it’s very frustrating and discouraging when people are unappreciative of the things you do for them but there are some reasons for this attitude, don’t forget gratitude is an attitude. The following reasons will help you understand why people are ungrateful and unappreciative:


BACKGROUND: first of all, the environment where people were born, how they were  brought up and the kind of friends they keep have great impact on their behaviour. There are people who naturally don’t know how to say thank you or show appreciation for kind gestures because they weren’t taught that manner growing and dealing with these type of people can be very frustrating most especially in a relationship because you will end up thinking you are not doing anything right. Kindly put it at the back of your mind that not everyone is like you, there are people out there that even if you offer your heart to save them through a transplant, they will still not show appreciation.

JEALOUSY: there are people who envy your position in life and wish they were in your shoes therefore they don’t care whether you are doing the good to them or to others, they will never show appreciation. Some go to extend of telling you that they never asked you for that favour or didn’t ask you to come through for them, they are simply ungrateful because they hate you being the “hero” all the time so instead of  being thankful, they ignore you to make you rather feel you did something wrong.


OVER EXCITEMENT: sometimes it is not an intention of a person to be ungrateful but the over excitement of the kind gesture that makes them forget to show gratitude especially when its a life saving situation. This can happen to anyone at any point in time but when the person settles down or is prompted, they quickly apologise and show gratitude afterwards.


DISSATISFACTION: the lack of satisfaction when it comes to kind gestures lead to ungratefulness. When someone is unhappy or disappointed or dissatisfied with a kind gesture ,there is no way the person is going to show gratitude, personally i won’t. For instance, a student is in need of tuition fee and you buy him the most expensive shoes, you will not be appreciated for this kind gesture because the shoes are expensive yes but it didn’t satisfy him. This can actually frustrate this student especially when he knows he can’t sell the shoes to raise money to pay for his tuition.

OPPORTUNISM: there are people who are opportunistic, they exploit opportunities including people and take advantage regardless of the consequences, rules or ethical dilemma surrounding the situation. These type of people are always on a lookout for ways they can exploit the people around them to take advantage of their kindness and when they get what they want, they are done with you. These people are mostly ungrateful beings, they don’t care what you think about them as far as they get their needs satisfied.

With these few reasons elaborated above, you now understand why someone will not show appreciation but that should not deter you from being kind to others. Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world no matter how you look like.

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Making friends is part of everyone’s social life and the kind of friends we choose has influence on our income, career and practically our entire life.Do you know you can easily tell where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing, and what your income level will be five years from now?. If you want to know how, the answer is simple: by the friends you keep. The people you associate with have a major impact and influence on your personal success. You can tell where most people are going to end up in life simply based on who they hangout with. This means you have to critically look at the people you choose as friends and you can do that by answering the following questions:

  • Do these friends share your values & principles?  In general, each and everyone of us has some values, beliefs or principles guiding our lives. For instance stealing is against my values therefore i wouldn’t pick a friend who is into stealing. Make friends with people who share the same values as you, even though diversity is good in a way, like-minded friends will keep you from compromising all the time and also prevent negative influence.
  • What is the direction of your friends in life? What are the goals of your friends or the people you want to befriend? Do they want to acquire a masters degree and end up working in a multinational organisation or set up their own businesses or even end up as house wives if they are women? When you have friends with common goals, you can easily work on your goals together and encourage each other in achieving them.
  • Are they willing to bring out the best in you? Right friends will always encourage and motivate you in achieving your goals. They are always positive, uplifting and do all they can to bring out the best in you. They share your pain, offer a listening ear to your problems and a warm shoulder to cry upon. A true friend will celebrate every milestone, accomplishment and success story on your journey. They will be genuinely happy to see you succeed and be the first to say “congratulations!”
  • What are they bringing on the table? Good friendship is a give-and-take affair. The right friends must be able to compliment you since we all have our strengths and weaknesses.For instance, if you are good at reading subjects and your friend is good at calculations then you both have to tap into each other’s strength.If your friends always want you to satisfy their needs without seeking to satisfy yours, you are in a wrong company.
  • Do you share the same interest?  Life is more fun and relaxing when you share the same interests as your friends. Can you imagine doing the activities you love with the people you love?  You can enjoy walking on the beach, working out at the gym, watching your favourite sports etc. together since they are of interest to you both.

Building healthy friendships is an important part of your social life because your friends have a major impact on your life and the perception people have about you.You should make friends that have good qualities, who are positive and supportive.

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The New Year is here again and a lot of resolutions have been made which includes developing a money saving habit. Everyone has something special in mind that we dream to have at all cost, it could be that luxurious wedding, flashy car, big mansion, dream vacation etc. and sometimes we see impossibility stirring at us in the face because of the amount of money involved but the truth is, our own habit can make everything we desire possible.

To begin with, saving is deferring consumption by putting the money aside towards a goal which may include retirement, acquiring a house, college tuition fee etc.  Note that the act of saving really requires self-restraint and discipline that is why it is easier said than done but the following guidelines will help make it easier and successful for you.


    You have to make a list of all the sources you actually get income from no matter how little it is whether its your monthly salary, daily/weekly wages, allowances, up-keep money from your parents if you are not working, gifts in the form of money etc


    How much do you spend daily, weekly or monthly? You have to keep record of all your expenses, this means your monthly utility bill, fuel for your care, groceries, airtime for your mobile phone, transport fares and every single thing you spend money on. Putting everything together will help you to know the amount of money you spend in a day, week or a month.


    Now that you have an idea of your income and your expenses, the next best step is to make a budget to match your expenses against the income. This will also help you to cut down expenses and also eliminate unnecessary spending. Also in the budget make room for savings, you can start  with 5% – 15% of your income and you can increase it as time goes on and you get used to saving.


    Saving is best achieved when there is a motivation behind it and this should be the reason why you are deferring your consumption. Set a goal – this could be short or long term goals, for instance saving towards a dream wedding, vacation, emergencies are short term goals whiles saving towards retirement, child’s education, buying/building a house are long term goals.


    At this point, you have to select the kind of savings tool that would be perfect for the goal you have set. Regular savings account, fixed deposit, mutual fund etc. are all short term savings tools and child’s educational fund, pension plan, balanced fund etc. are some of the long term savings tools. After the right tool has been selected, you then have to psych yourself up for saving journey ahead. You must save the percentage of your income as you have created in the budget religiously and this requires self-discipline. Also restrain yourself from touching the savings anytime you go broke until the target has been achieved.

After going through all the steps, you can then relax and watch your savings grow. Check your savings on a regular basis it could be monthly and the progress you are making can also inspire you to even save more.


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